Born: 2-26-21 /COLORADO, USA/ • NFO ns Black Smoke



HCM – N/N 4-26-2022 • PKD – N/N 2-17-2022 • GSDIV – N/N; PKdef – N/N 2-1-2022 • FIV – N/N; FeLV – N/N 1-31-2022

We adore Frode’s black smoke coat, a color that we very much prize here at Skogberg.

Frode / AKA US* Skogberg’s Frode also has a special temperament – he is rarely startled, with a very friendly and calm demeanor – he makes fast friends (both 4 legged and 2 legged) with everyone he meets.  

Of all of the kittens we’ve had, he’s the perfect combination of physical and social traits that we have been hoping for in a breeding male.  


Born: 12-16-19 /COLORADO, USA/ • NFO DS Red Smoke



PKD – N/N 3-17-2022 • FIV – N/N; FeLV – N/N 3-17-2022 • HCM – N/N 1-12-2021 • PKdef – N/N 11-17-2020 • GSDIV – N/N 9-4-2020

Meet our handsome Swedish prince, “Bjarne”/ AKA SE* Prana’s Clyde. He is our cattery’s premiere breeding male, and comes from a long line of International (IC) and Grand International Champions (GIC).

Bjarne has a super sweet and calm disposition, never startled by strangers or new experiences.

He is very athletic and likes to impress the ladies. We are also impressed: his fur is long and super soft, and he has some of the biggest paws we’ve ever see on an NFC.


CH Birke (N)

Born: 4-03-18 /COLORADO, USA/ • NFO N 09 Black and White

Our lovable “Big Boy”. In hindsight, we might have chosen to breed this affectionate friend of ours.

US* Forestdolls Birke is the quintessential NFC – a “dog-like” cat, following us around, ready for affection or play, always easy-going.

This is the typical Norwegian Forest Cat. He plays with his little sisters in good spirit, adores his people, catches snowballs, and is effortlessly a gorgeous curious fluffball.